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Ayurveda Dhara
Competition for Students

  • First Prize: Rs. 1,00,000

  • Second Prize: Rs. 75,000

  • Third Prize: Rs. 50,000



All prizes have been won jointly. Prize money will be equally distributed for each category.

1st Prize

Non Digital Product

Name of Idea:

Pashu Ayurveda


Students & Affiliation:

Meenaakshi A P

Kshamitha Jain V
SDM College of 
Ayurveda and

Hospital, Hassan

Ranganath C R

Veterinary College


1st Prize

Digital Product
Name of Idea: Mrigraksha

Student & Affiliation: 

Aparnapriya S R

Aparnna M 

Sri Sairam Ayurveda

Medical College And

Research Centre, Chennai


Shyamala Devi A

Jayasri E

Rithika P

Vijayalakshmi B

PSNA College Of

Engineering And

Technology, Dindigul

2nd Prize

Digital Product

Name of Idea:

Ritu - the menstrual blood analyzer


Students & Affiliation:

Dr Parvathy S 

Dr Aswathi Nair V

Dr Swathi Suresh

Government Ayurveda College



Harinarayanan J 

NIT, Kozhikode


Dr Vandana V T

VPSV Ayurveda college, Kottakal

2nd Prize

Digital (Electronic) Product
Name of Idea: Automatic Ayu Microbe Repellent

Student & Affiliation: 

Robin Vincent 

Achanya T.C

Vaidyaratnam P S Varier Ayurveda College, Kottakkal

3rd Prize

Non-Digital Product

Name of Idea:

Bija Vardhini


Students & Affiliation:

Harsha S

Kashyapa Shankara

Harisha S A

Prajwal B R

College of Agriculture, Hassan


3rd Prize

Digital Product
Name of Idea: Paricharak

Student & Affiliation: 

Dr.Venkatesh S
Sri Sri College of Ayurveda Sciences and Research, Bangalore

Abhilash B S
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

3rd Prize

Non-Digital Product

Name of Idea:

Eupnea Inhalers

Student & Affiliation: 

Shubha D K 

Kanchana M Badiger

Vinayak M Madiwalar

TMAES Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospet

3rd Prize

Non-Digital Product

Name of Idea:


Student & Affiliation: 

K Niranjana Varma

VPSV Ayurveda college, Kottakal

Who can participate?

Ideas are solicited for an Ayurveda-inspired application in the area of human health, animal wellbeing or agriculture.


To encourage UG and PG students to leverage Ayurveda for 21st century innovation for healthcare.

UG & PG students studying ayurveda, siddha, unani, yoga, sowarigpa, public health, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, veterinary sciences or agriculture. 


Should be a student at the time of submission. Those completing internships as part of their Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.


All entries will be evaluated by a panel of at least 3 judges based on the category of innovation.




  • Dr Aniruddha Joshi 

  • Prof P Balaram 

  • Dr Dayasindhu N

  • Dr Kanakavalli

  • Prof M S Valiathan

  • Prof Muralidhar Sharma

  • Dr Narendra Pendse

  • Dr Rangesh Paramesh

  • Dr Sudha Rao

  • Dr P M Unnikrishanan

  • Dr Viswajanani Sattigeri

Examples of ideas under four broad categories

1. Non-Digital Product

  • Herbal formulations

  • Herbo-mineral formulations

  • Health Foods [AyurAhaar]

  • Nutraceutical

  • Cosmeceutical


2. Digital Product 

  • Data mining of Ayurveda pharmacopeia 

  • Assessment of phenotypes for diagnosis and personalised medicine

  • App for image based stool, urine analysis.

  • Image-based evaluation of rasapanchaka of foods 

  • Database architecture for personalised nutrition 

  • Ritucharya and Dinacharya for wellbeing optimised for desha/ climate. 

  • Herbal and lifestyle based advice for veterinary self-care by pet owners. (dog/cat/fish).

  • Animate and visualise key Ayurveda concepts for common people to understand.

  • Ayurveda for community health: Primary health care through home remedies, medicinal herbs, pregnancy, lactation care.

  • Enabling technology for traditional and tribal healers to participate in healthcare ecosystem

  • Medicinal plant ID and relationship to dravya. 

  • App to capture local and tribal health traditions/ foods. 


3. Process Engineering

  • To improve stability/ preservation of foods naturally. 

  • Increase efficacy of medicine effectiveness

  • Biomedical engineering solutions for Ayurveda panchakarma treatments. 


4. Ayurveda Biology

  • Uncovering mode of action of an Ayurveda product, therapy or process 

  • Adapting Randomised Control Trials for testing Ayurveda treatment regimens

  • Combining Ayurveda algorithms and modern diagnostics for refining patient treatment protocols in chronic diseases.

  • Leveraging modern biomedicine tools to investigate Ayurveda precepts like Prakruti, Viruddha Ahaar, Veerya etc

How to participate?

  1. Register your intention here. 

  2. Working in teams [any number] is encouraged as well as association with mentors. Interdisciplinary teams will be prioritised. It is not essential for teams to have an Ayurveda student. Contact if you need help to form a team. 

  3. Prepare a slide deck of 10 slides in the template shared below. The content has to be in English only. Sanskrit shlokas can be shared, but a translation must be provided. At this point, we regretfully cannot accept slide decks in regional languages. Convert it to PDF. 

  4. Separately, prepare a file with the artwork/ video you have designed for Slide # 10.

  5. When you are ready with your slide deck, upload your slide deck and artwork using this form. Please note that you will need a gmail ID in order to upload your files.

  6. Submit your slide deck latest by 9am, 19 September 2022. 

  7. Slide decks that do not conform to the template will be rejected without further communication.

  8. Short-listed ideas will be presented at the Dhara-National Conference on Vision Ayurveda 2047 - on 23 or 24 September 2022 at TDU, Bangalore.

  9. Only one idea per individual can be submitted.

  10. There is no fee to take part in this competition.


Webinars to learn more about the competition

Sep 5, Monday, 8pm

Competition info webinar

  • Q & A re: competition

  • Meet potential teammates

Sep 12, Monday, 8pm

Panel Discussion: The landscape for Ayurveda-inspired innovations


  • How can Ayurveda concepts be deployed in digital and non-digital formats to revolutionise health, agriculture and veterinary sciences?  


  • Ajit Kolatkar
    Founder, Gastrolabs

  • Mitali Mukherji
    HoD, Bioscience and Bioengineering, IIT Jodhpur

  • Shilpa Vora
    CTO, Marico

  • Prasan Shankar
    Medical Director, I-AIM Healthcare

Sep 15, Thursday, 8pm

Competition info webinar

  • Q & A re: competition

  • Assessment criteria

  • Prize logistics

  • Clear your doubts

How to Submit Your Idea?

Click Here To Watch this Video About the Competition

  1. Prepare the slide deck in the format ONLY. Title of each slide is the same. You can change the font type and size. Slide content can be deleted.

  2. Keep your slide deck in PDF and artwork/video (<10MB) ready.

  3. If working in a team or having a mentor, make sure you have all the information ready: full name, affiliation, email ID. It is not mandatory to work in a team.

  4. If working in a team, only one person is needed to submit the idea. This person must have a GMail ID. 

  5. Click on this google form. Only those with a GMail ID can submit.

  6. You will be asked to fill in various details like name, affiliation and answer general questions about the competition. See the form here.

  7. In the form, upload your Slide deck (PDF only).

  8. In the form, upload your artwork.

  9. Hit submit. 

  10. NO submissions will be allowed after 9am, Monday, 19 Sep. Those not in format will be rejected without notice.


1. Who is a mentor?

A mentor is any person - professional, teacher, scientist, vaidya - who can advise and guide you on your project. It is advisable to pick a mentor who has expertise in the area of your product. Also, someone with interdisciplinary experience.


2. Is it mandatory to have a mentor?

No. But it is always good to get some external feedback and a mentor can provide that.

3. Is it mandatory to work in a team?


4. Can I take part if I am a PhD student?

Yes, but only if you are a full-time PhD student for the entire duration of the competition. Those pursuing PhD part-time, or in non-STEM/AYUSH subjects are not eligible. As also, those who are pursuing PhD along with a teaching career. In the registration form, please input your status as PG/ Postgraduate


5. Who owns my idea?

You, or if you work in a team, all the members of the team. The competition is only to stimulate thinking and collaboration. Neither TDU nor any party associated with the competition will have any right to the idea.

6. What happens to my PPT after the competition?

It is archived. It will not be shared with third-party agents. 


7. Can I take part individually and as part of a team?


8. Can I submit two ideas?

No. You may not submit two ideas, even as part of two different teams. All participants can submit only one idea - they can do so either individually or as part of a team. 

9. When I make a PDF, I cannot embed my movie for slide #10?

That is correct. During submission, you will have to upload two documents. One, the PDF of your PPT in the template. Second, your artwork/video. Please save the video here. We will ensure the jury gets to see it. 

10. If I am part of a team, do all team members register?

Yes. All team members have to register. Select “No” on the form for the question “Are you interested in being connected to potential teammates?”. For submission, one member of the team can submit, but they will have to list the names of all team members.

11. Should I register my intention, even if I already know I will submit an idea?
Yes. Registering your intent provides the organizers information on how to contact you. They will be sharing zoom links to webinars, details of participants who want to form teams and other competition related information.


Call: 080 2856 8000

(M-F; 9am - 5pm. Attn: Dr Megha)

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