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Cultural Events

Dhara: Vision Ayurveda 2047
23rd and 24th September 2022
Pathanjali Block, Bengaluru

23rd September, 04:00pm to 04:30pm

Dhanavantari – A solo thematic dance presentation

Dhanavantari is the God of medicine born of the milky ocean during its churning (Samudra-
manthana). He is said to have originated with the pot of Amrita (nectar of immortality). The story goes further to show how Lord Vishnu ensured that the nectar be distributed amongst the devas through deceit which he did in the guise of the intoxicating Mohini.
While the scriptures have given stories of the deity, which is to this day believed and worshipped with devotion and dedication, the bigger point is that the concept of Dhanavantari is an eternal one.

As long as life exists, human body exists, there is sickness and there is medicine. Ayurveda being the oldest system of medicine, has the biggest connect to nature. The roots, herbs, juices, oils, and other extracts are sources of medicines. It is both interesting and exciting that artistic expression has the biggest possibility when nature is involved. Artistic expression needs detailing and leisure for its scope of development of the theme, and ayurveda being directly connected to its roots in nature, lends this scope for representation in art forms like dance and theatre.

Another important aspect is the ever-changing world. The biggest challenge is always to make systems of knowledge continuously relatable to the present. The knowledge system of Ayurveda has successfully progressed in this aspect. This is evident from the recent crisis the world witnessed due to Covid. The strength of the fundamentals of concept of good health according to ayurveda and the strength of continuous research in the same, proved ayurveda to be the most reliable resort for treatment and rejuvenation. The concept of healthy lifestyle on a regular basis, the concept of rejuvenation and maintenance of the limbs of the body through regular exercise, diet and oil massages, besides the concept of rehabilitation for the ailing; are all the most holistic approaches to worship and exploit the best of the wonder that has been bestowed to humankind by the creator -
namely the human body.

The dancer is eager to explore all these aspects of Ayurveda and its growing popularity with the rising challenges to physical and mental health which the world is witnessing in an unprecedented way.


  • The lyrics explored is the Dhanavantari kauthuvam penned by poet Dr. Manorama

  • Music composition and Rendition by Vid. Balasubrahmanya Sharma 

  • Artistic exploration through dance by Dr Shobha Shashikumar

  • Support on Nattuvangam by Vid. Madhulika Srivatsa

  • Support on Mridangam by Vid. Srihari Rangaswamy

  • Support on Flute by Vid. Mahesh Swamy

  • Support on Rhythm pads by Vid. Prasanna Kumar

24th September, 04:00pm to 04:30pm

Anthem for Nature


The performance piece is called "ANTHEM FOR NATURE", chronicling the evolution of plants, animals and nature itself and how they evolved over the years. To go with the theme we have used adapted movements from Kalarippayattu Martial Art (which is based on movements based on Ashtavativukal  or eight different animal motifs), Indian folk and traditional performing arts and improvised contemporary dance sequences. The piece is set to musical scores - courtesy to A. R. Rahaman,  Australian Aborigines' music and Keralan percussion ensemble.


About the organization: Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts is India’s premiere contemporary dance organization. Invested in education, training, research, choreography, productions, performances, festivals, stage technologies, transdisciplinary exchanges and collaborations, Attakkalari has developed strategic global partnerships for projects and events.


Driven by its motto ‘Traditional physical wisdom, Innovation and Technology’, Attakkalari has successfully brought together knowledge from Indian physical and performance traditions and blended them with contemporary information and skills. Attakkalari India Biennial is South Asia’s most important contemporary dance festival. Its Diploma programme is a comprehensive programme, while its Professional Development Programme (PDP) offers career advancement opportunities. Its Incubation Centre for Arts & Media (ICAM) forges international partnerships and collaborations to facilitate the creation of new works.


Attakkalari has succeeded in transforming Bangalore into a hub for contemporary dance in South Asia and is working towards establishing a new “Centre for Innovation in Performing Arts” (CIPA) in the city. For further information: and 

  • Artistic Direction & Choreography: Jayachandran Palazhy

  • Rehearsal Director: Hemabharathy Palni

  • Dancers: Attakkalari Dance Company 

  • Technical Management: Vilson K J

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